Suzanne Taylor Suzanne Taylor
Principal Architect & President
Things Entertainment

Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne is Things Entertainment’s founder. Things Entertainment’s advancements in flexible, adaptable and accessible games and augmented reality can be contributed to a large extent to a synergy of Suzanne’s experiences.

Before her school years, Suzanne encountered a story where an adaptive shoe was invented to allow a girl to participate in running games and said, “That’s what I want to do!” Suzanne began coding games at the age of 6 using BASIC on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer. During high school and college, Suzanne was a tutor covering English, French, math, science and test prep. Suzanne has worked with English language learners, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students and gifted students.

Suzanne’s early work experience included painting, illustration, computer programing, software internationalization and time as a newspaper reporter. But her attention was irrevocably captured by software and Web accessibility when she saw the inherent beauty in how the standards can potentially make it possible for one resource to adapt to a wide spectrum of user needs, locations and preferences.

Today, Suzanne is an internationally recognized voice on accessibility. Suzanne has led hundreds of classes and presentations on Web and software accessibility, often with live coding demonstrations, including presentations at universities and leading conferences in the field such as CSUN, AFBLC, AHG and ATIA. She has chaired or participated in task forces furthering standards and understanding with organizations such as W3C, AAP, IAAP and IGDA. She has also helped many up-and-coming names in the field to get their start in accessibility through in-depth training and mentoring.

With the goal of using advanced accessibility concepts to create a new level of quality for mainstream software, Suzanne founded Things Entertainment in 2017.



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