Cindy Ball Program Manager of Education

Cindy Ball

Cindy Ball is the Program Manager for Oculus Education.  She is passionate about technology’s potential to reshape how we learn and work together, better understand one another, and enable individuals and communities to thrive.

In her current role she focuses on understanding how AR/VR can uniquely and positively impact learning and education, and works to provide equitable access to these early technologies, to inspire and support a diverse next-generation of creators.

Prior to joining Oculus, Cindy was at Microsoft, where she led engineering teams to design and implement online learning platforms and programs, and developed AR experiences and services for Microsoft Hololens.

Earlier in her career, Cindy worked on TV animation technologies at Hanna-Barbera Productions, studied computer graphics at Caltech, co-founded the animation studio Tooned In, and built a children’s online game division at Flying Lab Software.

She has a M.S. in Computer Science from Caltech, with a focus on computer graphics, and  lives in the Seattle area with her family, and a managerie of pets.


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