Amanda Cavaleri Founder, Connect The Ages
AARP Innovation Fellow

Amanda Cavaleri

Amanda Cavaleri is the founder and CEO of Connect The Ages and on a mission use virtual reality as a tool to connect younger generations to the value of older generations. Cavaleri has been an entrepreneur in the field of aging since the age of twenty and was recently recognized as a Top 50 Influencer in Aging by PBS’ Next Avenue. She was a 2016-2017 Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Fellow with AARP has previously been the founder and operator of a home and community-based concierge service, consultant to consumer electronic companies, Thought Leader and Advisor with Carnegie Mellon University and UPMC’s Quality of Life Technology Center, and Innovation and Business Partner with University of Denver’s Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging. Her work has been featured in The Denver Post, on PBS NewsHour, on the TEDx stage, and in numerous senior housing publications.


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